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Impartiality and independence are key factors when choosing a test laboratory. The laboratory should be familiar with regulatory requirements, and various manufacturers’ equipment, maintaining a close working relationship with manufacturers and regulators alike. A laboratory should never assist a manufacturer with the design of its products, it should only advise on regulatory matters. The laboratory should offer its knowledge and experience to regulatory agencies in guiding them through standards and regulations development. It should seek the advice of the regulatory agency when a manufacturer’s design may not be clearly defined by the existing standards and regulations. This open communication between the laboratory, manufacturer and regulator fosters good will and understanding. This is the role and practice of Nick Farley & Associates.

Regulatory Compliance Testing The test and evaluation of electronic gaming devices and related systems is imperative to assure fairness and integrity in the gaming, lottery, and amusement industries. These measures should be conducted pro-actively to eliminate the possibility of corruption of these devices and systems. The management staff of Nick Farley & Associates has been testing gaming devices and related systems since 1987. With knowledge and experience that is unsurpassed, we can evaluate devices and systems for any regulatory standard, identify issues, and author reports on our findings.
Our Regulatory Compliance Testing processes are comprehensive. These processes include, but are not limited to, the following:
  • Review and analysis of gaming device hardware and software
  • Cabinet security
  • Meter verification
  • Random Number Generator analysis
  • Theoretical payout percentage and probability calculation
  • Accuracy of award payments / emulation of pays
  • Operation and functionality of on-line slot monitoring systems, and TITO systems
  • Operation and functionality of progressive jackpot controllers and systems
Expert Testimony Many times issues arise that cannot be resolved between interested parties. Quite often these issues wind up being settled in the courtroom. When these matters involve electronic gaming and amusement devices or related systems, it is imperative that a knowledgeable expert on such devices and systems be retained. Computer and electronics experts typically do not understand the intricacies of the gaming and amusement industries. Nick Farley & Associates has the expertise to provide competent and professional testimony in any dispute involving electronic gaming and amusement devices or related systems.

Training We can train regulatory agencies or technical staff on many matters related to electronic gaming and amusement devices or related systems. Training sessions can be tailored to suit your organizational needs. Examples of such training sessions could involve the following elements:
  • Component recognition
  • EPROM verification
  • System communication
  • Jackpot verification
  • Regulatory compliance
  • Device submission procedures
On Site Inspections and Audits Our services extend beyond the laboratory. We provide on-site services at gaming facilities to verify the software in electronic gaming devices and related systems. Furthermore, we evaluate the communication between gaming devices and monitoring systems. We also verify the operation of cashless gaming systems, including Ticket In/Ticket Out (TITO) technologies.

Forensic Evaluations Occasionally machines malfunction or are compromised by unscrupulous persons. These issues could find a casino operator liable for the payment of an award worth millions of dollars. Sizeable awards should only be paid when the jackpot occurrence has been thoroughly evaluated and determined to be legitimate. Should any doubt arise during jackpot verification, payment should be withheld until such time as an independent forensic evaluation has been undertaken. Nick Farley & Associates has the experience to review any jackpot to determine if its occurrence is legitimate. Additionally, we can identify machine malfunctions and cheating attempts.

Consulting and Technical Advice Many times the challenges of dealing with regulatory issues can seem overwhelming. Such challenges may be the result of new technologies being introduced, or product innovations. As technology and innovation progress, the understanding of how the regulatory scheme applies is essential. Nick Farley, President, served four years as a gaming regulator, and thoroughly understands the application of the regulatory scheme in the gaming and amusement industries. Coupled with technical engineering knowledge, our staff can offer your organization insightful and valuable advice.

Assistance with the Preparation of Standards and Regulations As technology and innovation advance, it is inevitable that existing standards and regulations will be revised. Nick Farley & Associates will assist gaming and amusement regulatory agencies with the preparation of standards and regulations. We can assess new technology and advise on regulatory issues. We can offer suggested verbiage and identify potential pitfalls. Having served four years as a gaming regulator, Nick Farley, President, understands the need for regulatory agencies to develop standards and regulations that assure integrity, while maintaining the flexibility to allow technological advances in the industry.

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