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Statement of Independence

It is the mission of Nick Farley & Associates to protect the best interests of the public with regard to Electronic Gaming, Amusement and Vending devices. We will provide our services only to those entities that seek to ensure that gaming, amusement and vending devices are offered to the public, and operated, in a fair and honest manner. We will not cater our services to the special interests of individuals or corporations. It is our intention to see that all gaming, amusement and vending devices offered for use to the general public are developed with the utmost integrity and security, offering a fair and honest product for public enjoyment.

Nick Farley & Associates is a consulting organization serving the needs of law enforcement and government agencies, as well as licensed device manufacturers. Our services assure the integrity and regulatory compliance of Electronic Gaming, Amusement and Vending devices offered to the public. We offer state-of-the-art testing and evaluation practices to our clients.

The staff of Nick Farley & Associates will not maintain any financial interest in any gaming-related organization to which we serve or whose product we test. Thus, maintaining complete independence from the manufacturers, distributors and operators that serve the gaming industry.

As a condition of our licensing, authorizations and certifications with other regulatory agencies, Nick Farley & Associates is prohibited from offering our consulting services to device manufacturers in the capacity of Research and/or Development of products or technologies. As a policy, we limit advice to manufacturers to only those issues involving regulatory compliance. In no way, do we develop or design products or methods for device manufacturers.

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